By Mrs. Romina M. Lagac
Head, Business Administration Department

The Faculty Capability Building Program was implemented on April 13- 17, 2009 on its fifth run after it was successfully implemented in 2008 in different regions with different host universities such as University of Santo Tomas, Manila, Central Philippine University, Iloilo City, Xavier University, Cagayan de Oro City and Ateneo de Naga University, Naga City. The FCBP this year was first held at the University of Cordilleras Baguio City and was attended by participants from selected universities and colleges in Northern Luzon, of which Saint Mary’s University of Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya was one. Like the other participating institutions, SMU was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation for its commitment to democratize Whole Brain Learning and Thinking and Self Mastery towards building the nation.

Anchored on the principle of the Whole Brain Learning System (WBLS), the FCBP is designed for the educators who would bring forth a deeper understanding on the mega and lifelong learning skills needed by everyone to become successful in life. A distinctive feature of the FCBP is the application of the WBLS philosophy in teaching entrepreneurship and management. The program demonstrates how various topics in entrepreneurship and management can be taught in a student – centered approach specifically adhering to students’ or practitioners’ learning preferences. Whole Brain Learning explores fascinating and myriad facets of the thinking brain, how it is configured, how it learns and how it grows to fully realize human potentials.

The training lasted for five days and was anchored on the Seven Self Mastery Skills which helped the participant – educators strengthen their students’ capacity to nurture, develop, and expand themselves. The whole week course was distributed as follows:

Day 1: Understanding the Self and Learning to be
  • Whole Brain Thinking and Learning System
  • Learning to be
Day 2: Sharpening the Mind and Raising Consciousness
  • Basic Thinking Skills
  • Learning to Intuit
Day 3 : Nurturing the Heart and Building Rapport
  • Learning to Feel
  • Learning to Communicate
Day 4 : Making Things Happen
  • Learning to Do
  • Learning to Lead
Day 5: Application of Learning Methodologies

Much of the factors that contributed to the success of the training can be attributed to the training’s uniqueness and the richness of the lectures provided by the two speakers who are both very intelligent, very outstanding and truly amazing in terms of their teaching techniques, tools and methodologies. Both speakers are Professors of the Asian Institute of Management whose advocacy is the advancement of knowledge for national development. The first three days of the training was handled by Professor Cecilia B. Manikan who is the Director of the Managing the Arts Program and handles courses in Education Management, Entrepreneurship, Finance for Artists, Creative and Intuitive Management, Strategic Human Resources and Organizational Development, Human Behavior Organizations, Self Mastery, the Arts and Spirituality. The last two days of the training was piloted by Dr. Eduardo A. Morato Jr., who has constantly introduced new degree and non degree programs at the Asian Institute Of Management where he holds various positions. He is a full professor at AIM, has written books and numerous articles, monographs and handbooks that include topics on Creativity and Intuition, Social Entrepreneurship, Finance, Development Management, Art, leadership and Governance, Strategic Planning and Management and Self Mastery and the newly launched Trilogy on Entrepreneurship.

The first three days led the participants to master their own selves, to learn the skills on how to think and intuit, to consider the feelings as one important factor to develop, apart from thinking, and how to effectively communicate. Professor Manikan being a fully qualified and accredited administrator of the MBTI ( Myers – Briggs Type Indicator ) Step I and II from the Asianic Psychologists Press in 2003 made use of this tool to help the participants know and master themselves. It was indeed a fantastic experience for the participants having able to discover more of and master themselves and to understand why people behave in different manners. Their strengths and weaknesses were specifically identified as well as other peoples’ personality and how one learns best. The activities paved the way for them to realize their need to maintain their identified strengths and improve their areas of weaknesses, to understand people whom they interact with, particularly their students and to handle these people appropriately as to facilitate more learning despite the limitations. This is one of the ways by which educators will be able to effectively handle various types of students using the whole brain which is a student-centered approach where methodologies used will be student preferred and not teachers-preferred.

The last two days with Dr. Eduardo Morato Jr. were indeed brain twisting days . Participants were first fed up with strategies on how to lead and then were given sample techniques on how to innovate and create things. Film viewings gave the participants ways to discover and appreciate effective strategies on how to lead and make use of their creative thinking. The last part of the training all the more pushed the participants to use their minds by analyzing case studies and providing possible solutions to the case. This activity taught them how to efficiently and effectively make use of case studies as one of the teaching methodologies that could truly help the students utilize their ability to think and participate in class.

The training ended with the closing remarks by a representative from ABS- CBN Bayan Academy, some words by the host university and the awarding of certificates to the participants.

As a participant in this training, Mrs. Romina M. Lagac, Head of the Business Administration Department, finds this program of the ABS- CBN Bayan Academy a very enriching endeavor. To her, this training helped her in mastering herself and equipped her with methodologies that will help her bring out the best in her students in entrepreneurship and business administration of the School of Business.
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